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Bwired Home Control System
There is a lot of Home Automation (Domotica) hardware out there which can be used to make your living in a house more comfortable.
Some of the devices comes with a piece of software or a remote control to make handling easier.
The problem is that mostly non of the devices are compatible with each other so the do not speak each others language.
This page describes my self written software I use for controlling all the Home automation Hardware I have. So on a fine day I finally decided to build my own Home Control System with all the components (hardware support) and functionality I used standard built in. This program called Bwired Home Control System is the hart of my home automation system, every device is connected with it and every event and device change is logged in a SQL Server. Millions of records a year are logged and query upon by myself or by the visitors of Homeseer is a similar program that allows home owners to control hundreds of home automation devices from dozens of different manufacturers using multiple technologies. Homeseer is used by thousands of home automation freaks and is very popular.
I also used Homeseer 1.7x for a couple of years, in the beginning with little devices online I was was very satisfied with the product. As the online devices grew and the amount of scripts became larger Homeseer began to show some problems, scripting is not multithreaded! So after a week running the scripts began to show errors and just didn't run correct anymore, memory usage increasing, a reboot was necessary! Also lot's of things are not standard in Homeseer and you need to make a script or download a plug-in which causes a lot of overhead.

The Bwired Home Control System is written in Visual Basic 6 and still in a Beta phase. For communicating with hardware devices like X10, 1-Wire, W800RF and the weather station I use no 3rd party controls, its all written in native Visual Basic. At this moment the software is not available for use, its still to much under construction and there is no setup module yet.
Update Aug-2007: I'm now rebuilding and improving the software with the Microsoft Visual studio 2005.

- X10 Send and Receive from CM11A, Radio Shack plug'n power and IBM Home Director. (direct RS232 without 3rd Party controls)
- X10 Send and Receive from Xanura CTX35 or CTX15. (direct RS232 without 3rd Party controls)
- 1-Wire support, LOG08 from MIDON (direct RS232)
- Proliphix IP Thermostat.
- VOIP Telephone calls from FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7270.
- Poseidon 1250 IP controller.
- Poseidon 3468 IP Thermostat with 230V relays.
- HWg-STE Ethernet thermometer.
- Chromoflex LED Controller.
- Alphatronic Visonic RS232 receiver.
- Nemef Radaris Evolution Zendunit interface.
- Send Bwired Domotica, Home automation messages to Twitter.
- W800RF32 support from WGLdesigns (direct RS232)
- VS-800/VS-400 Video switch support from Inetcam (direct RS232)
- Axis 241Q Videoserver IP Image control support
- Mobotix Camera IP Image control support
- Rfxcom Visonic Powermax Receiver (USB and Ethernet).
- Siemens M20 GSM modem.
- Support for Philips Pronto TSU9600.
- Rfxcom X10, Oregeon Scientific, Klik Aan Klik Uit, Harrison Gordijnrail Receiver (USB and Ethernet).
- Rfxcom X10, Klik Aan Klik Uit, Harrison Gordijnrail Transmitter (USB and Ethernet).
- Davis Vantage PRO2 Solar Wireless Weatherstation
- Oregon Scientific WMR928N (Huger) Solar Wireless weather station support (direct RS232)
- Virtual Weather Station support from Ambient
- Built in Webserver for control over the internet and by mobile devices
- Support for Klik aan Klik uit system.
- Support for Plugwise system.
- Support for Harrison Electric curtain rail system.
- Minimize to system tray (animated icon)
- Sunrise Sunset calculations which can be used in events
- Events with Pop-up Message screen
- VB Scripting
- Mail server support
- Grid control on every column
- Database logging for MYSQL Database Server
Bwired Domotica

Main screen Bwired Home Control System.
Bwired Home Control Domotica System

Device properties
All the devices in the status windows can be double clicked and the "Device property" window appears. In this window you can set all kinds of properties for one device like:
- House and Unit Code
- Failsafe, this is great for motion detectors. If there is no motion within X minutes, motion is set to Off.
- Device name, device type and device location.
- Status Off/On text can be set.
- Images (gif, bmp) can be set for a specific status.
- Correcting status, if something goes wrong you can correct it directly.
- Several logging settings.
- Run a VBA script when a device changes status. Great for database purposes like logging events etc.
- Control Pop-ups on events

Device property screen.
Bwired device properties

General settings
In this windows some general settings can be set like:
- Comm. port for the CM11 X10 device.
- Web port for the internal Webserver. This Webserver can be used for controlling over the internet.
- Master script settings. Within the master script there are subs which can be called by a device change.
- MYSQL Settings. These are the settings of the MYSQL Server.
- Mail server settings for automatic mail sending.

General settings screen.
Bwired Settings Screen

Sunrise Sunset settings
In this windows you can set Latitude and longitude and every day the new sunrise and sunset times are calculated.
These parameters can be used in events etc.

Sunrise Sunset settings screen.
Sunrise Sunset Screen

1-Wire settings
In this window you can set the 1-Wire settings which connects the Home Control system with the 1-wire network.
1-Wire devices have all unique ID's. In the database there is a table which translates the ID's to actual devices.
If a new device is added the system will automatically add it to the status grid.
I use the LOG08 1-Wire network form MIDON.

1-Wire settings screen.
bwired 1-Wire Settings

Weather settings
In this window you can set the Weather settings for Virtual Weather Station from Ambient.
Virtual weather station can logs all the data every minute in a txt file. This txt file is imported by the Home Control System and a add it's devices to the status grid.
The translation table is found in the database. There is also a possibility to read the weather data directly of the Oregon scientific Wn918 weather station,
it took me a while to crack the protocol. However Virtual Weather Station has more advantages by example making very nice weather pictures.

Weather settings screen.
Bwired virtual Weather Station settings Screen

Axis 241Q IP Camera Control
In this window you can see the Bwired IP Camera control for the AXIS 241Q.
So the Videoserver is totally integrated in my Home control system and it's very easy to grab images or video feeds of the server when an event occurs.
For example if somebody pushes my doorbell an event is triggerd which logs a record (event) in a Mysql database and takes a picture or video from the AXIS videoserver.
This picture is then realtime online on the Bwired Doorimages Page. This event is also triggerd when somybody opens my Mailbox

Camera Control screen.
Bwired Axis 241Q Camera Control screen

VBA Scripting
One of the most powerful features is the built in VB(A) scripting tool. For every device in the grid you can refer to a script.
So for example you can log all the changes in a log table or When its raining the amount of rain in a separate table. I log millions of records every year!

VBA Scripting screen.
Bwired VBA Scripting screen

For every device it's possible to make one or more events, they can be triggered by device change, time , sunset or sunrise etc.
Other devices can be switched and a mail can be send. There are lot's of options here.