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Plugwise Energy Management
With the Plugwise system I can get an insight in the energy use at socket (Device) level. The Plugwise device (Circle) is placed between the plug and the socket of the device and then it sends, receives, measures, and switches. Plugwise is based on Zigbee so each plug connects to other plugs for a most efficient and reliable wireless network.
Below you can see the Date & Time of the last energy change for an outlet, also the current energy usage (Watt) en total energy (kW). When the status of a device is turned On with (flashing icon) this mean a device is actual on and in use. You can also see devices are not On but still using energy! With Plugwise it is possible to switch these devices off resulting in saving energy.  You can also follow the Plugwise discussions and tips on my Domoticaforum Europe
Total Energy per Device in the year 2019
Move over the chart bars to see the tooltip with the exact info and total usage per device.

AircoBwired Plugwise  OffOn0 Watt6,95 kWhMaster bedroom8C38A2018-06-22 13:02:13Today 13:57:0215-7-2015
AirconditionerBwired Plugwise  OnOn4 Watt19,33 kWhOffice36CDE2019-04-29 19:51:01Today 13:56:2722-6-2018
Bwired CaveBwired Plugwise  OnOn164 Watt1343,88 kWhOffice6A9C9Today 13:56:06Today 13:56:3812-7-2015
CamerasBwired Plugwise  OnOn18 Watt275,49 kWhClosetroom29766Today 13:53:06Today 13:56:5510-7-2015
Cameras & SwitchesBwired Plugwise  OnOn5 Watt56,57 kWhOfficeBE6D7Today 05:38:14Today 13:56:4810-7-2015
DesktopBwired Plugwise  OnOn10 Watt25,41 kWhOffice98BBBToday 13:56:06Today 13:56:4822-6-2018
DishwasherBwired Plugwise  OffOn0 Watt804,56 kWhKitchen296FDYesterday 21:42:26Today 13:56:3611-7-2015
ESX-Host2Bwired Plugwise  OnOn19 Watt246,96 kWhOffice698F5Today 13:54:06Today 13:56:4412-7-2015
ESX-Host3Bwired Plugwise  OnOn22 Watt289,54 kWhOffice371F0Today 13:57:06Today 13:56:433-12-2016
FreeBwired Plugwise  OffOn0 Watt34,21 kWhClosetroom8CDA02018-09-01 14:48:58Today 13:56:5611-7-2015
FreezerBwired Plugwise  OffOn0 Watt167,19 kWhScullery298DEToday 13:49:05Today 13:56:5610-7-2015
Fusebox-ClosetBwired Plugwise  OnOn60 Watt969,64 kWhGarage28D44Today 13:46:05Today 13:57:0210-7-2015
Home entertainment systemBwired Plugwise  OnUnknown16 Watt0,32 kWhGameroom7B1D32018-12-25 01:07:052018-12-25 01:06:3523-12-2018
Home entertainment systemBwired Plugwise  OnOn19 Watt70,81 kWhGameroomB9F4BToday 13:17:02Today 13:56:4725-12-2018
Home ventilatorBwired Plugwise  OffOn3 Watt73,62 kWhAttic2B6F8Yesterday 16:04:51Today 13:56:3710-7-2015
HVACBwired Plugwise  OffOn6 Watt122,42 kWhAttic84D4BToday 08:00:29Today 13:56:5610-7-2015
LCD ScreenBwired Plugwise  OffOn1 Watt142,5 kWhMaster bedroom297C42019-09-18 06:10:17Today 13:56:5510-7-2015
LCD Screen2Bwired Plugwise  OnOn177 Watt519,52 kWhLivingroom51BA0Today 13:56:06Today 13:56:4810-7-2015
LCD Screen3Bwired Plugwise  OnOn185 Watt140,42 kWhGameroom8C1B1Today 13:57:06Today 13:56:3523-12-2018
Leds & CurtainsBwired Plugwise  OnOn3 Watt54,3 kWhLivingroom28A6CToday 13:47:05Today 13:56:4810-7-2015
Leds & DevicesBwired Plugwise  OffOn1 Watt15,17 kWhMaster bedroom29682Yesterday 22:46:32Today 13:56:5410-7-2015
MagnetronBwired Plugwise  OffOn0 Watt13,07 kWhScullery5131A2019-09-07 18:57:24Today 13:56:3610-7-2015
Microwave OvenBwired Plugwise  OffOn2 Watt489,89 kWhKitchen83C08Today 13:13:02Today 13:56:4910-7-2015
NASBwired Plugwise  OnOn23 Watt318,05 kWhOfficeBF27FToday 13:52:06Today 13:56:5410-7-2015
Pump FloorheatingBwired Plugwise  OffOn1 Watt123,56 kWhGarage28E112019-08-16 08:01:30Today 13:56:2110-7-2015
RefrigeratorBwired Plugwise  OnOn37 Watt232,77 kWhKitchen29A0AToday 13:57:06Today 13:56:3610-7-2015
SolarpanelsBwired Plugwise  OffOn-1680 Watt-5244,67 kWhRoof2B6F9Today 07:47:28Today 13:56:3810-7-2015
SonosBwired Plugwise  OffUnknown0 Watt0 kWhGameroom6B8F32018-12-23 19:02:102007-06-01 00:00:0023-12-2018
WashdryerBwired Plugwise  OffOn0 Watt321,11 kWhAttic29FFD2019-09-16 10:59:00Today 13:56:3710-7-2015
Washing machineBwired Plugwise  OffOn1 Watt467,61 kWhAttic29D3BYesterday 16:47:56Today 13:56:3710-7-2015
WaterkoelerBwired Plugwise  OffUnknown0 Watt0 kWhScullery36AD82018-06-22 13:02:132018-06-19 00:33:002-6-2016
Total Usage:---903,00 Watt2.100,20 kWh
Last 50 Plugwise device changes (logging when the device behind the circle is switched On or Off)
Device (Appliance) Device Status Last Changed Total time On/Off Circle Status Current Usage Total Usage ID
Desktop - OfficeOnToday 13:51:0501:11:07 OffOn10 Watt25,41 kWh598BBB
Refrigerator - KitchenOnToday 13:50:0500:31:03 OffOn37 Watt232,77 kWh729A0A
Freezer - SculleryOffToday 13:49:0500:08:01 OnOn0 Watt167,19 kWh7298DE
Leds & Curtains - LivingroomOnToday 13:49:0500:02:00 OffOn3 Watt54,3 kWh728A6C
Leds & Curtains - LivingroomOffToday 13:47:0500:05:00 OnOn2 Watt54,3 kWh728A6C
Leds & Curtains - LivingroomOnToday 13:42:0500:01:01 OffOn3 Watt54,3 kWh728A6C
Freezer - SculleryOnToday 13:41:0400:20:02 OffOn40 Watt167,19 kWh7298DE
Leds & Curtains - LivingroomOffToday 13:41:0400:10:01 OnOn2 Watt54,3 kWh728A6C
Leds & Curtains - LivingroomOnToday 13:31:0300:01:00 OffOn3 Watt54,3 kWh728A6C
Leds & Curtains - LivingroomOffToday 13:30:0317:56:51 OnOn2 Watt54,3 kWh728A6C
Freezer - SculleryOffToday 13:21:0200:09:00 OnOn0 Watt167,19 kWh7298DE
Refrigerator - KitchenOffToday 13:19:0200:08:01 OnOn1 Watt232,77 kWh729A0A
LCD Screen3 - GameroomOnToday 13:16:0212:16:15 OffOn185 Watt140,42 kWh38C1B1
Microwave Oven - KitchenOffToday 13:13:0201:13:08 OnOn2 Watt489,89 kWhB83C08
Freezer - SculleryOnToday 13:12:0200:20:02 OffOn40 Watt167,19 kWh7298DE
Refrigerator - KitchenOnToday 13:11:0100:27:02 OffOn65 Watt232,77 kWh729A0A
Freezer - SculleryOffToday 12:52:0000:08:01 OnOn0 Watt167,18 kWh7298DE
Freezer - SculleryOnToday 12:43:5900:21:03 OffOn40 Watt167,18 kWh7298DE
Refrigerator - KitchenOffToday 12:43:5900:07:01 OnOn1 Watt232,76 kWh729A0A
Desktop - OfficeOffToday 12:39:5803:16:20 OnOn1 Watt25,4 kWh598BBB
Refrigerator - KitchenOnToday 12:36:5800:26:03 OffOn64 Watt232,76 kWh729A0A
Freezer - SculleryOffToday 12:22:5600:09:00 OnOn0 Watt167,18 kWh7298DE
Freezer - SculleryOnToday 12:13:5600:23:03 OffOn40 Watt167,18 kWh7298DE
LCD Screen2 - LivingroomOnToday 12:13:5512:17:15 OffOn177 Watt519,52 kWh551BA0
Refrigerator - KitchenOffToday 12:10:5500:07:01 OnOn1 Watt232,76 kWh729A0A
Refrigerator - KitchenOnToday 12:03:5400:27:02 OffOn66 Watt232,76 kWh729A0A
Microwave Oven - KitchenOnToday 11:59:5402:17:15 OffOn12 Watt489,89 kWhB83C08
Freezer - SculleryOffToday 11:50:5300:08:01 OnOn0 Watt167,17 kWh7298DE
Freezer - SculleryOnToday 11:42:5200:21:02 OffOn40 Watt167,17 kWh7298DE
Refrigerator - KitchenOffToday 11:36:5200:08:01 OnOn1 Watt232,75 kWh729A0A
Refrigerator - KitchenOnToday 11:28:5100:33:04 OffOn63 Watt232,75 kWh729A0A
Freezer - SculleryOffToday 11:21:5000:09:01 OnOn0 Watt167,17 kWh7298DE
Freezer - SculleryOnToday 11:12:4900:20:02 OffOn39 Watt167,17 kWh7298DE
Refrigerator - KitchenOffToday 10:55:4700:07:01 OnOn1 Watt232,74 kWh729A0A
Freezer - SculleryOffToday 10:52:4700:08:01 OnOn0 Watt167,16 kWh7298DE
Refrigerator - KitchenOnToday 10:48:4600:34:03 OffOn63 Watt232,74 kWh729A0A
Freezer - SculleryOnToday 10:44:4600:21:02 OffOn39 Watt167,16 kWh7298DE
Freezer - SculleryOffToday 10:23:4400:08:01 OnOn0 Watt167,16 kWh7298DE
Freezer - SculleryOnToday 10:15:4300:24:02 OffOn40 Watt167,16 kWh7298DE
Refrigerator - KitchenOffToday 10:14:4300:07:01 OnOn1 Watt232,74 kWh729A0A
Refrigerator - KitchenOnToday 10:07:4200:32:03 OffOn63 Watt232,74 kWh729A0A
Freezer - SculleryOffToday 09:51:4100:08:01 OnOn0 Watt167,14 kWh7298DE
Freezer - SculleryOnToday 09:43:4000:21:02 OffOn40 Watt167,14 kWh7298DE
Microwave Oven - KitchenOffToday 09:42:3901:10:07 OnOn2 Watt489,49 kWhB83C08
Refrigerator - KitchenOffToday 09:35:3900:08:01 OnOn1 Watt232,72 kWh729A0A
Refrigerator - KitchenOnToday 09:27:3800:29:03 OffOn27 Watt232,72 kWh729A0A
Desktop - OfficeOnToday 09:23:3806:30:41 OffOn10 Watt25,37 kWh598BBB
Freezer - SculleryOffToday 09:22:3800:09:01 OnOn0 Watt167,14 kWh7298DE
Freezer - SculleryOnToday 09:13:3700:24:03 OffOn5 Watt167,14 kWh7298DE
Refrigerator - KitchenOffToday 08:58:3500:08:01 OnOn1 Watt232,71 kWh729A0A