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Nemef Radaris Evolution Doorcontrol
On the frontdoor of the Bwired House I have the Nemef Radaris Evolution door lock. The Radaris Evolution is an electro-mechanical lock combined with a electronic door handle. The lock can be controlled with RFID tags, Remote control or with the normal key. For the complete specifications of the Radaris Evolution and how it was installed in the Bwired house check my Dutch blog.
For Consumers and small companies Nemef has the Radaris Evolution RF Module available.
The Nemef RF Module has lots of possibilities available to connect, for the Bwired house I have integrated this device in my Home Control system via RS485 on the Axis 2490 IP to Serial Server.
The open Protocol for the RS485 interface is very easy to handle and allowing me to fully control the doorlock. Making the software driver for me was very easy to do, Nemef is way ahead on this compared to other companies giving total and easy secure access to there devices! For example: I Can remotely lock and unlock the doorlock, See if the lock is on nightlock, and best of all authorize and see who is coming in based on the RFID tag. If access is granted by the lock or RF module I can trigger all kind of events like Disabling the alarm, open or close the electrical curtain behind the front door and turning on the light in the hallway at night. The RF Module has a lot of options and standard in and outputs available, for the complete documentation and the open protocol download the manual
The Nemef RF module can handle op to 4 Radaris Evolution electro-mechanical locks making it ideal for houses and small businesses.
Bwired DoorControl statistics
This Nemef Rf Module is since 7-12-2010 real-time online.

Total events logged : 207718
Total Door Open: 47368

Last event on : 15-1-2016 17:36:08
Lock Status : Locked
NightLock Status : On
Battery Status : Ok
Last Raw Packet : <11SR2009-3B
Total Access Granted : 28566 Times
Total Access Denied : 95 Times

  • NE39 : Access Granted (13037 Times)
  • Person 2 : Access Granted (7408 Times)
  • Unknown : Access Denied (2568 Times)
  • Person 3 : Access Granted (2389 Times)
  • Person 7 : Access Granted (1598 Times)
  • Unknown : Access Denied (893 Times)
  • Person 1 : Access Granted (292 Times)

  • Nemef Radaris Evolution RfID DoorlockNemef Radaris Evolution RF Module
    Last 25 real-time Nemef Radaris Evolution Door loggings. (Move over the Headers to get more information about the meaning of the data)
    Date Event Door Reader RfID Tag Tag User Access Lockstatus Doorstatus NightLock Ext. signal Battery Raw Packet
    Yesterday 20:41:28DoorstatusFront Door-----Closed---P00721248
    Yesterday 20:38:55DoorstatusFront Door-----Open---P00721248
    Yesterday 20:38:33DoorstatusFront Door-----Closed---P00721248
    Yesterday 20:38:27DoorstatusFront Door-----Open---P00721248
    Yesterday 20:29:05DoorstatusFront Door-----Closed---P00721248
    Yesterday 20:20:32DoorstatusFront Door-----Open---P00721248
    Yesterday 18:22:38DoorstatusFront Door-----Closed---P00721248
    Yesterday 18:22:19DoorstatusFront Door-----Open---P00721248
    Yesterday 17:51:49DoorstatusFront Door-----Closed---P00721248
    Yesterday 17:51:31DoorstatusFront Door-----Open---P00721248
    Yesterday 17:26:57DoorstatusFront Door-----Closed---P00721248
    Yesterday 17:26:40DoorstatusFront Door-----Open---P00721248
    Yesterday 17:11:44DoorstatusFront Door-----Closed---P00721248
    Yesterday 17:00:43DoorstatusFront Door-----Open---P00721248
    Yesterday 16:34:41DoorstatusFront Door-----Closed---P00721248
    Yesterday 16:31:21DoorstatusFront Door-----Open---P00721248
    Yesterday 14:56:06DoorstatusFront Door-----Closed---P00721248
    Yesterday 14:49:57DoorstatusFront Door-----Open---P00721248
    Yesterday 11:42:04DoorstatusFront Door-----Closed---P00721248
    Yesterday 11:42:01DoorstatusFront Door-----Open---P00721248
    Yesterday 01:51:00DoorstatusFront Door-----Closed---P00721248
    Yesterday 01:38:54DoorstatusFront Door-----Open---P00721248
    16-10-2019 21:34:35DoorstatusFront Door-----Closed---P00721248
    16-10-2019 21:34:25DoorstatusFront Door-----Open---P00721248
    16-10-2019 21:19:42DoorstatusFront Door-----Closed---P00721248

    Last denied access attemps.
    Date Event Door Reader RfID Tag Tag User Access Lockstatus Doorstatus NightLock Ext. signal Battery Raw Packet
    4-1-2016 23:41:45AccessUnknowmRemoteControl6903F368UnknownDenied-----<10BR006903F368-77
    12-8-2015 16:49:24AccessUnknowmRemoteControl3A021697UnknownDenied-----<10BR003A021697-6B
    6-7-2015 01:38:24AccessUnknowmRemoteControl82212FEBUnknownDenied-----<10BR0082212FEB-8A
    27-6-2015 04:49:54AccessUnknowmRemoteControl520AD527UnknownDenied-----<10BR00520AD527-78
    27-6-2015 03:35:52AccessUnknowmRemoteControl2B3816BEUnknownDenied-----<10BR002B3816BE-8B
    29-8-2014 08:47:02AccessUnknowmRemoteControl920052F1Person 4Denied-----<10BR00920052F1-67
    29-8-2014 08:47:00AccessBack DoorInside61001357UnknownDenied-----<13BR1061001357-59
    29-8-2014 08:46:59AccessUnknowmRemoteControl920052F1Person 4Denied-----<10BR00920052F1-67
    29-8-2014 08:46:54AccessBack DoorInside61001357UnknownDenied-----<13BR1061001357-59
    23-8-2014 23:05:29AccessFront DoorUnknown11SR202DUnknownDenied-----<11BRĂ²<11SR202D-48